Backup & Disaster Recovery

Reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions to help your business survive the unexpected
img protect your data from disasters

Protect your data from disasters and ensure business continuity

No matter how prepared you are, disasters can happen. Whether it’s a power outage, hardware failure, or an act of nature, unexpected events can cause major disruptions to your business operations. Without the right safeguards in place, you could lose important data and suffer significant financial losses. Univision’s backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions prepare you for any eventuality, ensuring that your business can swiftly recover and maintain operations in the face of unexpected disruptions. Our comprehensive BDR service includes everything you need for secure and reliable backups, from on-premises NAS hardware and backup software licensing to regular backup validations. We’re here to safeguard your data and provide peace of mind, so you can focus on what matters most — running your business.

Univision's backup & disaster recovery solutions offer a multitude of benefits:

Flexible solutions

We can help you set up a range of backup solutions, from on-premises to cloud-based systems.

Secure storage

Our solutions use the latest technologies to ensure your data is stored securely and protected from unauthorized access.

Automatic backups

We can configure automatic backup schedules to ensure your data is regularly backed up without any manual intervention.

Rapid response

In the event of a disaster, we’ll respond quickly to restore your data and minimize disruption to your operations.

Cost savings

Our backup solutions are designed to be cost-effective, so you can ensure your data is safe without incurring additional costs.

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